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Pellet / Bio-mass Boilers

Wood pellet boilers and stoves have brought about a revolution in heating systems in the UK and Ireland. Lots are talked about the green issues of wood pellet combustion but the real benefit comes as a result of being able to completely automate the whole system thus allowing the wood pellet boiler, to take on both oil and gas fired boilers in the three key areas of Convenience, Economy and Carbon Neutrality.

Unlike oil and gas boilers, wood pellet boilers run on a sustainable, renewable and controllable fuel source which also has the added advantage of being a lot nearer to Carbon Neutrality than oil, gas or coal.

Burning wood pellets as a fuel is near to being Carbon Neutral, burning wood fuel only releases the same amount of CO2 as it would if it were left to decay naturally on a forest floor, thus the impact on the atmosphere is kept to a minimum. Also considering the amount of CO2 the tree has absorbed during it's life time.

1. Easily retrofitted to existing system or for new builds.

2. Up to 50% saving on fuel cost vs oil.

3. Carbon neutral heating.

4. Indoor and outdoor models available.

5. Variety of pellet storage options available.