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electric under floor heating

Underfloor Heating - Electric

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heating. Underfloor heating radiates a pleasant, even temperature across the floor which raises equally across the whole room, unlike traditional radiators. Electric underfloor heating is the ideal solution in retro fit applications, however can also be used in new builds also.

Electric underfloor heating is primarily designed to be used on concrete floors, however you can adapt a wooden floor by using either tile backer board or a thin screed of flexible tile adhesive. Normally the total thickness of the electric mat including the heating cable is 3.5mm.

1. 100% Maintained free.

2. Waterproof high tensile strength cable.

3. Primary or comfort heating.

4. For use under tiles, stone, marble and slate.

5. 10 year guarantee on The Green House NI system.