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under floor heating


Underfloor Heating - Radiant

Hydronic or wet systems use low pressure warm water pumped through concealed loops of pipe work - they are easy to install at any stage of the project whether a new build or a refurbishment.

Wet underfloor heating systems normally utilize hot water from central heating systems. Condensing boilers, Heat Pumps and Bio-mass boilers are well suited to 'power' underfloor heating as they are more cost effective. Unlike radiators, the underfloor heating system can run at much lower temperatures as the system is spread out over a vast area. This increases the overall feeling of warmth and comfort in a property.

Hydronic underfloor heating is suitable for use anywhere throughout a building. Most commonly, it is installed with a screed ed floor but systems are available for most types of construction including timber joist flooring. It can be fitted underneath almost any floor finish, from carpet to laminate, however work best with tiles.

1. Extremely energy-efficient to operate- energy savings of 15%-50% can be achieved.

2. A low temperature system, which can be used with a variety of heat sources including renewable energy solutions.

3. Heat is more evenly distributed around the space preventing hot spots and creating a more comfortable environment.

4. Systems from The Green House NI come with a 20-year guarantee.